What do I do with $100?

Simply put, I don’t expect to get rich overnight, but think I will be able to move up pretty quickly in the beginning. I am going to be following fairly strict bankroll management rules:
Cash games max investment will be no more than 5% of the total bankroll (possibly adjust it lower if I find the variance is too big) In general, I won’t be playing many sit and gos or tournaments, so haven’t really considered how much I am willing to invest into those.

I will mostly be playing PLO & PLO8 6-max cash games and the occasional holdem session when the Omaha games are slow.  I think Omaha games will be softer than a typical holdem game & believe I am significantly more skilled in Omaha than holdem.  To begin, I will be stuck playing .02/.05 games with max buyin or .05/.10 with a half buyin.  I hope to be playing all .05/.10 with max buyin $10 within 2 weeks & taking shots with short buyins at .10/.25.

I think it is a reasonable expectation to be playing primarily .10/.25 within a month (bankroll required for maximum buyin is $500)  To make $400 in a month at 30 hours per week would mean I have averaged just over $3/hour from playing.

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